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We Love To Ride and We Ride For Love
FHO is a family of independent motorcycle enthusiast that value BROTHERHOOD /SISTERHOOD. We hold integrity, honesty and motorcycling in the utmost regard. FHO is a law abiding, non-territorial independent motorcycle association that is open to male and female riders of every ethnicity.

* Always promoting a positive image of men and women as motorcycle enthusiasts
* Encouraging the LOVE of Freedom and open road, along with embracing the          
 culture/history of the Motorcycle Community.
* Always promoting the safety of motorcycling
* Supporting all MC’s SC’s RC’s and organization alike. Showing support to Charities and           
 worthwhile causes.

  Membership Status
* FHOMA (Fast Harleys Only Motorcycle Association) which consist of 3 levels which
  requires a yearly dues and membership process.

FULLY PATCHED FHOMA MEMBERSHIP includes everything puts you directly with the FHO FAMILY/BOARD (NO VOTING PRIVILEGES BUT YOUR SUGGESTIVE INPUT WILL BE HIGHLY NOTED AND CONSIDERED) you become part of all meetings first hand exclusive action at merchandise before its announced to public and a full set of FHO patches along with name tag and title. This level is highly monitored and you must follow all guidelines and rules set forth by FHO FAMILY/BOARD members. This level also gives you an opportunity to become a voting board member if a seat becomes available, and you must own and ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle at start of membership and must commit to riding your motorcycle to maintain platinum status membership. Cost of this package is $650.00 Initially and $200.00 for yearly renewal. Membership is 1 full year from date of enrollment. NO REFUNDS ON ANY PACKAGE ONCE PURCHASED NO EXCEPTIONS.

FAST HARLEYS ONLY MOTORCYCLE ASSOCIATION (FHOMA) is not, nor will ever be a Motorcycle Club wearing the MC Moniker nor Patch. We are not an RC, SC, and none of those insignia/patches will be tolerated on any vest/clothing etc. in association with FHO OR FHOMA. Any person found in violation of this order will be terminated from this association. FHO FAMILY/BOARD MEMBERS reserve the right to suspend or terminate membership for those who violate the listed guidelines.

*  Members must continually use effective means of communication amongst all members and associates. Any use of defamatory, abusive, threatening, and offensive engagement are prohibited and will not be tolerated. The guidelines will be held and enforced by all FHO FAMILY/BOARD & platinum members. Remember FHO is not an mc so therefore no member should have any differences with a member of any mc. Any and all questions or questionable acts/conversations should be brought to a family/board member immediately. Remember FHO is about being grown and independent so please act and conduct yourself accordingly.

*  Communication is the key for FHOMA so please make a conscience effort to use all the communication tools available IE: group chat, Facebook page, conference calls, and face to face events. You must be 21 years or older to join id validation is required. no member of FHOMA shall discuss any business of FHOMA with any nonmember if found it will cause for automatic dismissal no exceptions. Any FHO FAMILY/BOARD member may retire in 10 uninterrupted years of service therefore securing his spot on the family/board and retaining his voting privileges and shares.

*  Any FHO FAMILY/BOARD member significant other may obtain patches but only with that family/board members permission and that family/board member is fully responsible for that vest (significant others have no voting privileges) other than that of their spouses they may stand in in absence with their permission. All FHO family/board members participation is mandatory.

*  Any family/board or platinum member that chooses to wear or rock the ground pounder patch as there title has to commit to no less than 25,000 miles in 1 calendar year i.e. no new platinum member can request ground pounder as there title until 25,000 miles in 1 calendar year has been recorded, and any current FHO family/board member wearing this patch has to complete that task or surrender that patch. Some exemptions may apply contact any family/board member concerning questions.


*  FHO board members holding acct credit cards have the right of use per there discretion no permission is needed for such use. However if the treasure deems purchase not FHO related it can be brought up for a discussion and possible reversal meaning that member will become responsible for that charge and must pay back all funds spent on that or those transactions. If funds are available anytime 5 or more FHOMA members go out of town to support an event then the family/board has agreed to comp in any way we can i.e. gas or hotel and or a meal for those members. See any family/board members for any other questions concerning this.

*Please note the logo and patches are solely owned by the and can be recalled for any reason by the voting board or member there of all such actions will be done fairly and in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the rules and laws accordingly. Any and all property displaying the logo or brand must have full permission of the FHO family/board no exceptions.

*If an FHO family/board member for any reason resigns, quits, or cancels his membership for any reason all FHO affiliated merchandise and anything containing the FHO logo must be returned immediately.

*Addendums to these and other rules can be added or applied at any given time the FHO family or board members see fit. Also note that as situations come up or accrue FHO family/board members have the right to change these or other rules.

*FHO family/board members consist of 25 members and the executive board consist of CEO, COO, CFO, Vice President, Treasure, Secretary, & Sgt At Arms.

*Again these are the guidelines set forth by the CEO in conjunction with the FHO family/board members we hope you will become a part of this great movement and family as we grow into a major conglomerate concerning motorcycling.

By signing you agree to have totally read being of sound mind fully understand the writings presented.



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